Schaumburg CPR Certification

Schaumburg CPR Certification
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American CPR & Safety Training LLC is recognized as a leading, employee-owned company that is made up of firefighters, paramedics, teachers and nursing educators throughout the nation.  Each of our instructors is an authorized CPR training provider and has a CPR certification from the American Heart Association.  Further, American CPR & Safety Training’s CPR instructors and staff are well-known for delivering their CPR training classes to churches, businesses, daycare facilities, factories, gyms, offices and schools across the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  This allows students the opportunity to be taught by CPR instructors who are life-saving-professional firefighters and paramedics.  They incorporate their real-life experiences into their CPR training curriculum.  As a result, American CPR & Safety Training is the only name Schaumburg residents need to know when they want to enroll into CPR training classes.

Schaumburg CPR Classes

Schaumburg, Illinois has almost 75,000 residentsis in Cook County.  Orland Park, home of American CPR & Safety Training, is located about 46 miles south of Schaumburg.  Our CPR training classes are known for not only qualifying participants for CPR certification, but the CPR classes also expose Schaumburg students to valuable life-saving skills.  Highly-skilled CPR instructors lead the CPR training classes and employ a “no stress” approach in their Schaumburg CPR classes.  Consequently, our CPR classes offer held in a relaxed setting so that our Schaumburg students are in the optimum environment for enhanced learning and comprehension.  In effect, American CPR & Safety Training’s area of proficiency is onsite and community-based training.

Schaumburg CPR Training

American CPR & Safety Training is distinguished for providing BLS (Basic Life Support) classes that are designed so that healthcare professionals are able to quickly and accurately identify life-threatening emergencies, perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and relieve choking promptly and efficiently.  We offer CPR training classes to fitness instructors, teachers, child and adult caregivers and parents.  In addition to offering adult, child and infant CPR training, we also cover choking and CPR/AED.  Graduates of our CPR training program learn how to deal with a multitude of emergencies that can occur in the workplace, in public or at home.  To learn more about how to enroll in our CPR training classes, call American CPR & Safety Trainingat: (888) 277-5166.  Classes are also offered En Español.            

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